Senator Creigh DeedsThank you for all of your support and encouragement. You can read my weekly Session Newsletters on this website and track legislation on Virginia’s Legislative Information System website. The General Assembly website has a wealth of information about our state legislature.

It continues to be my high honor to serve you in the Senate of Virginia. Should you have concerns, questions or views you wish to share, please contact me at (434) 296-5491 or district25@senate.virginia.gov.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Best, Creigh Deeds

Why I’m Running for Re-election

After much thought, I want to announce that I will run for re-election to the State Senate this fall.  I am proud of the many things we have been able to accomplish, working together, to protect the most vulnerable, Virginia’s … Continue reading

2015 Virginia General Assembly Session News

Over Before it Began

The 2015 Special Session of the General Assembly was over before it began. The Governor called the legislature into a Special Session to begin on August 17 to respond to a federal ruling on the 3rd Congressional District. Specifically, the … Continue reading

Post Veto Session Report

April 15 was more than Tax Day this year.  Indeed, the legislature came back into session on Tax Day to consider the Governor’s amendments and vetoes to legislation passed during the 2015 General Assembly Session.  Typically Senators and Delegates return … Continue reading

Final Recap of the 2015 Virginia General Assembly Session

The 2015 Session of the General Assembly is history.  While we passed over 1500 bills and resolutions, the Session will be remembered for a handful of things including reforming the transportation funding formula, adopting a new ethics bill that changes … Continue reading

One More Week to Go

With a week to go until the scheduled February 28 adjournment, the Virginia General Assembly is moving steadily along. From what I hear, few areas of controversy remain in the budget deliberations. I still think it is possible, though not … Continue reading

Budget Deliberations Begin

The 2015 Session of the General Assembly is hurtling toward adjournment. The word around here is that we may complete our work earlier than the scheduled February 28 adjournment. Election year jitters, and a clear partisan majority in both houses, … Continue reading

Busy Days

The midpoint of the 2015 General Assembly Session has passed. We are nearing crossover, the point when the Senate and House of Delegates must complete work on bills generated by its members. While the budget remains the focus, a number … Continue reading

Week Two Update

The 46 day session is moving rapidly. Subcommittees and committees are meeting around the clock, which leaves little time for reflection. This week I will address a couple of the issues I am working on. First, Senate Bill 1252 requires … Continue reading

First Week of the 2015 Session of the Virginia General Assembly

The 2015 Session of the Virginia General Assembly is underway. This is a short session, scheduled to adjourn on February 28, 2015, so the work will be fast and furious. We will deal with some hefty matters this session, but … Continue reading

Industrial Hemp

The 2015 General Assembly Session is just around the corner. A number of bills have already been introduced, which you can review here. Over the next two months I will spotlight a bill or two of interest every week and … Continue reading

Senator Creigh Deeds and Delegate David Toscano at Charlottesville's annual Dogwood Parade

Sen. Creigh Deeds and Del. David Toscano at Charlottesville’s annual Dogwood Parade